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Matt Ball Bonsai
Professional Bonsai Services
Style or Study with Matt Ball Bonsai
Bonsai Services
Styling Services
Have Matt Ball style a tree for an exhibition or general maintenance
Learn more
Learn to create stunning bonsai
Learn more
It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better
Tree styling with Matt Ball
Style or Maintain
Seasonal upkeep or Exhibition preparation
Seasonal upkeep
Bud selection, needle pinching, decandling, defoliating, branch selection are all part of maintaining a bonsai, have it done professionally.
Exhibition Styling
Prices vary depending on size and species.
Have a tree manicured from head to toe in readiness for an exhibition, the end result will be marvellous.
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Loft Pineapple, 22 Pink Street,
New York

Study with Matt Ball Bonsai
Learn bonsai from a professional
Flexible study options to get your techniques to the next level
Learn by the hour
one on one or group learning by the hour
Form a group for economy or go solo to stay focused.
One day intensive study
Join Matt Ball for an entire day of intense study, unlock your true potential with this focused study, and become a cut above your peers.
4 hour morning and afternoon sessions with a 1 hour break for lunch. 8am - 5pm. Study Wiring, pruning, design, philosophy & maintenance.
Develop an intimate knowledge base of bonsai from a longterm nursery stay. Have the true Japanese bonsai study experience by living and breathing bonsai every day for an extended period of time.
This is a true representation of the study experience in Japan; but in Melbourne: living a breathing bonsai every day, refining and honing skills to the pinnacle of Australian bonsai.
"I grew out a lot of things, but one thing that remained was the love for miniatures, that love manifested itself further when I learned about the amazing art of Bonsai. After 15 years, trips and study time in Japan, I wish to now share my love of bonsai with you.

I'd like to expose Melbourne to the Japanese standard of Bonsai, and hope that many people will have the same opportunity to fall in love with this art as I did." - Matt Ball
The History of Matt Ball Bonsai
2003 - Genesis
at aged 13 Matt Ball discovered the art of bonsai though his sister Andrea. It was from this time Matt Ball started reading books and websites about the amazing art of Japan.
2004 - 2008
Through out high school Matt Ball rarely shared his passion for bonsai with classmates. It wasn't until Matt left school did his passion have an opportunity to flourish.
2009 - 2014
Matt Ball develops the core skill set of bonsai, the collection grows, and understanding matures.
Matt Ball had an opportunity to work with Bjorn Bjorholm, a Bonsai professional, who completed his apprenticeship in Japan. It's at this point matt is invited to explore the bonsai of Japan with Bjorn.
Matt Ball travels to Japan with Bjorn to meet the masters of Bonsai and tour the famous Bonsai gardens.
March 2017 - Matt Ball travels to Japan again, this time to study with Master Nobuichi Urushibata san. Upon return Matt Ball begins to develop the Matt Ball Bonsai brand.
October 2017 - Along side creative mind Kantaro Okada, Matt Ball joins the ADJ/ creatives group.
April 2018 - Matt travels back to Taisho-en, Shizuoka, Japan to further his studies with his Oyakata, Nobuichi Urushibata San.
June 2018 - Urushibata San hands down a nursery name to Matt Ball

Haku Ju En (伯樹園) Haku 伯 means 'superior' or 'higher', Ju 樹 means 'trees' and En 園 means Nursery.
August 2018 - HakuJu-En is born. Matt Ball embarks on an exciting future as a bonsai professional developing and focusing on small bonsai.
Matt Ball with his Oyakata (master) Nobuichi Urushibata after completing the styling of this 400 year old Juniper.
Contact us:
0488 286 232
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